Corruption counteraction

Article 1 of the Federal law of 25 December 2008 № 273-FZ "Counteraction against corruption"


a) abuse of official position, bribery, receiving a bribe, abuse of authority, commercial bribery or other illegal use by a physical person of his official position contrary to legitimate interests of society and the state in order to obtain benefits in the form of money, valuables, other property or services of property character, other property rights for oneself or for third parties or illegal provision of such benefits to the specified person by other physical persons;

b) the acts specified in subparagraph a) of this paragraph, on behalf of or in the interests of a legal entity.

The corruption counteraction is the activity of the Federal bodies of state power, bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation, bodies of local self-government, civil society institutions, organizations and physical persons within their powers:

a) for the prevention of corruption, including the identification and subsequent elimination of the causes of corruption (prevention of corruption);

b) for identification, prevention, suppression, detection and investigation of corruption offenses (fighting against corruption);

c) minimization and (or) eliminating consequences of corruption offences.

Article 3 of the Federal law of 25 December 2008 № 273-FZ " Counteraction against corruption"

Corruption counteraction in the Russian Federation is based on the following main principles:

  • recognition, assurance and protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of man and citizen;
  • legality;
  • publicity and openness of activity of state bodies and bodies of local self-government;
  • the inevitability of responsibility for corruption offenses;
  • integrated use of political, organizational, information and propaganda, socio-economic, legal, special and other measures;
  • the priority application of measures to prevent corruption;
  • cooperation of the state with civil society institutions, international organizations and individuals.

Article 13.3. of Federal law of 25 December 2008 № 273-FZ " Counteraction against corruption"

The obligation of organizations to take measures to prevent corruption:

  • organizations are required to develop and adopt measures
  • for the prevention of corruption;
    • measures for prevention of corruption adopted in the organization may include:
    • determination of units or officers responsible for the prevention of corruption and other offences.
    • the organization's cooperation with law enforcement;
    • the development and introduction of standards and procedures aimed at ensuring conscientious work of the organization;
    • adoption of a code of ethics and official conduct of employees of the organization;
    • prevention and settlement of conflicts of interests;
    • prevention of preparation of unofficial reporting and use of forged documents.