Youth Union

The Youth Union of UMPO is a social community of the youth in the enterprise. The goals of the Youth Union:

-adaptation of the young specialists in the collective;

-assistance in fulfillment of the scientific, technological and creative potential of the youth

-assistance to the young workers and specialists in professional growth, educational and cultural and technical level in solving social and household problems

-organization of youth’s leisure

The adaptation specialists help the young workers settle into a new job at the enterprise. Every week they organize meetings with the young specialists to discuss the problems of adaptation in the collective, the industrial and the social issues.

The events of Youth Union include the youth festivals (summer and winter) and the intellectual competition in the format of the brain-ring

Contact information:

Head of the Youth Union Department - Gorbunov Vasiliy Vasilyevich

Telephone: 8 (347) 238-06-95