Program «Production of VK-2500 helicopter engine components at UMPO»roduction of the helicopter engines VK-2500 at PJSC UMPO»

Program «Production of VK-2500 helicopter engine components at UMPO»

Aim: implementation of the national import substitution program, i.e. setting up competitive series production of components for promising helicopter engines.

Main objectives of the program:
  • renewal and re-equipment of UMPO production facilities for production of VK-2500 helicopter engine components;
  • setting up series production of VK-2500 components.

The work is under progress in cooperation with UEC subsidiaries, the main executors being UMPO and Chernyshev Plant. UMPO started series production of the engine components in 2014. The rated capacity is scheduled to be reached before 2019.

VK-2500 (Klimov, JSC is the head design agency) is a modern modification of TV3-117 engine, one of the best in the world for fuel efficiency in the class of 2500 hp engines. It is used to power the following helicopters: Mi-8/Mi-17, Mi-24/35, Mi-28NM, Ka-27/28/31, Ka-32, Ka-50/52 and others.

VK-2500 engine features:

  1. great degree of uniformity with the parent engine TV3-117 inheriting its main advantages;
  2. 15…20% more power with the same engine weight and overall dimensions;
  3. modern digital control system (FADEC).
Variants of engine settings I II IIIII
Power (ISA+15°С), hp

2 700

Power (ISA+30/22/15°С), hp
2 000 2 200 2 400
Specific fuel consumption (ISA), g/hp·h, max 220 214 210
Length, mm

2 055

Width, mm


Height, mm


Weight, kg