Turbofan engine with afterburner RD-33 was developed to power light frontline fighter MiG.

Technical characteristics
Rated power at power turbine output shaft in station conditions, MW
- at atmospheric temperature above + 10°С
- at atmospheric temperature below 0°С
Rated RPM of power turbine output shaft, (%)
3 000 (100)
Heating capacity of the installation, MW
Electrogenerating circuit parameters:
- voltage, kV
10,5 / 6,3
- frequency, Hz
Water flow rate through heat recovery unit, m3/h
Fuel Natural gas under GOST standard No. 29328
Fuel gas consumption at engine rated power, kg/sec
0,994 (3 580)
Fuel gas pressure at the engine inlet in all operating conditions, kgf/cm2
Temperature of fuel mixture combustion gases at the power turbine outlet, °С
Hazardous substances emission level in the fuel mixture combustion gases:
- nitrogen oxide, mg/m3 50
- carbonic oxide, mg/m3 150
Operational characteristics
Specified life, hours
150 000
Time till first overhaul, hours
25 000
Time between overhaul, hours
25 000
Number of starts within specified life 2 400