Health and recreation resort «Rechnyie Zori»

The health and recreation resort «Rechnyie Zori» of PJSC UMPO is placed within the city, on the coast of Ufimka River in a quiet place surrounded by the coniferous-deciduous forest.

The health resort features compactness: all the buildings are equipped with warm passages. There are single, double, triple rooms for comfortable living.

«Rechnyie Zori» is a full-range health facility. During the year the resort receives more than 4 000 people. The main activities are the rehabilitation and recreation of the enterprise’s workers, pensioners and children. The vacationers can have a consultation of the professional experts (cardiologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist and etc.), do an electrocardiogram, ultrasonography, echo-diagnostic of internal parts of a body, and check sugar and cholesterol content in the blood.

Санаторий-профилакторий «Речные зори» Санаторий-профилакторий «Речные зори»

The main methods of treatment:

  • Mud therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy (circular and stream douche, specific baths, Charcot’s douche)
  • Massage procedures
  • Herbal medication
  • Salt mine

There are covered swimming pool, playgrounds for volleyball and basketball, table tennis, sportive equipment. There are some hobby clubs for children.

Fresh air, water from flowing well, personalized medicine, healthy food will give you vigor and health for many years!

Санаторий-профилакторий «Речные зори» Санаторий-профилакторий «Речные зори»

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Санаторий-профилакторий «Речные зори» Добавила1.JPG

Contact information:

Chief doctor - Bolshakova Alla Yurievna 8 (347) 239-10-03

Sales department of vacation package:

Ufa, Ferina Street, 2, right wing ABCH, room 10.

For enquiries, call: 8 (347) 239-07-35, 8 (347) 239-30-70